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Top Ten Technology Considerations When Deploying Video in an Education Environment

This past month, VBrick has been working hand-in-hand with many of our education customers including  Zeeland Public Schools and Pulaski Public Schools to successfully kick off the 2011/2012 school year.  In many instances, schools around the country are rolling out 1:1 education programs.  These programs arm students with wireless technologies, like iPads, so each student can learn at his or her own pace and ability level.

Following are what we have learned to be the “Top Ten Technology Considerations When Deploying Multimedia in 1:1 Education Environments.”


10.  Ensure that your technology plan includes provisions to give students access to school content from home, not just inside the school building

9.        Ensure that your technology plan includes a plan for students to create and share their own content; in addition to allowing teachers to share content with students

8.        Plan workshops to “teach-the-teachers” how to best embrace new 1:1 technologies

7.        Review data network designs to be sure they account for increased bandwidth requirements; driven by greater video access.

6.        Ensure students realize that in a digital world, everything is recorded and time-stamped.

5.        Reevaluate your wireless network to see if it can support large numbers of tablet computers, all accessing video at the same time.  .

4.        Leverage multicast capabilities wherever possible to reduce bandwidth.

3.        Appreciate that different types of endpoints (especially mobile endpoints) are often best served by different video formats and different bit rates.

2.        Recognize that multimedia content often needs to be segregated based on a student’s age or interest.  The same video content should not be available to everyone.

1.        Ensure you are investing in solutions that ultimately deliver a complete video content strategy; delivering a better student experience at a lower price per pupil

More information is also available in our White Paper entitled “How Video is Reshaping the Classroom.” Download it Here

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