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VBrick Mix™ Enables Live Enterprise Webcasting from iPads

Works with VBrick Ecosystem to Empower Employees with Live, Mobile Streaming Ability; Delivers Desktop-grade Video Editing to any iPad User via their Mobile App

AMSTERDAM, Integrated Systems Europe, February 4, 2014VBrick Systems, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise video management and distribution solutions, today introduced VBrick Mix™, a new iPad application that brings unparalleled user-generated content capabilities to large organizations using VBrick’s enterprise video webcasting platform, and on-device, non-linear editing capabilities to any iPad user via the App Store.

Enterprises using VBrick’s enterprise video platform can now enable any authorized employee to use VBrick Mix to launch a live video webcast to bring urgent information to a video portal. There, employees can view the live webcast from desktops or mobile devices, or from digital signage in lobbies, meeting rooms and large-scale displays.

“The Apple iPad is the ultimate video device and Aragon Research projects that the iPad and other tablets will help push BYOD video over the tipping point because they truly enable mobile workers to create high-quality video from literally anywhere,” said Jim Lundy, lead analyst, Aragon Research. “VBrick Mix accelerates this trend, by enabling mobile workers to stream live and do so within the management, security and delivery parameters required by large enterprises. Applications like this will continue to build demand for enterprise video platforms that can help organization throttle the coming video tsunami,” Lundy said.

“This application is just a preview of the new interfaces, design and capabilities that we’ll be introducing across our new platform architecture,” said Shelly Heiden, chief executive officer, VBrick. “It’s our pleasure to offer this to any iPad user, and to enable them to add on-device production capabilities to their mobile video experience,” Heiden said.

For iPad users outside of the VBrick enterprise infrastructure, VBrick also offers a free, downloadable version of VBrick Mix from the App Store.  VBrick Mix’ feature set includes clipping, transitions, text overlays, soundtrack overlays, voice-over, and importing of all media types.

Finished video files can be uploaded to YouTube or shared through the user’s iPad camera roll. VBrick Mix currently supports Apple iPad 3 and higher versions, running iOS6 and iOS7.

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VBrick Systems Recognized By Frost & Sullivan as Enterprise Video Webcasting Top Challenger

New Report Cites VBrick’s Commitment to Enterprise and Breadth of Product Line

HERNDON, Va., January 16, 2013 – VBrick Systems, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise video management and distribution solutions, today announced it has been recognized by growth consulting  firm Frost & Sullivan in its recently released global Enterprise Video Webcasting Solutions report as the second largest player in the enterprise video webcasting market.

VBrick placed ahead of other prominent players in the market in the report’s “Competitive Landscape” analysis.  Frost & Sullivan noted several of VBrick’s strengths, including the company’s commitment to enterprises, large global customer base, strong adoption within Fortune 500 companies, and the breadth of the company’s product line.

“A strong presence in North America and other regions, combined with a solid revenue and product pipeline, positions VBrick well, both now and in the future,” said Anisha Vinny, industry analyst, Digital Media Group, Frost & Sullivan.  “Their offerings will no doubt strengthen over the next few months when the company releases the newest version of its platform, offering world class analytics and security and extensive support for hybrid deployments.”

“This recognition is particularly significant because of Frost & Sullivan’s extensive global coverage of the digital media landscape,” said Shelly Heiden, chief executive officer, VBrick Systems.  “Frost & Sullivan has listed VBrick as one of the top participants in the video webcasting market.  The report also highlights our commitment to the enterprise as a strength when compared to our competitors.”

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Vote for VBrick!

VBrick was again nominated for the Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award in five categories, including Best Enterprise Video Platform (VEMS Mystro) and Best Transparent Video Caching Solution (DME). VOTE NOW before Oct. 25, 2013.

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VBrick named a top Streaming Media Company — Again

For the third year in a row, VBrick has been named to the Streaming Media 100, an annual list of the companies that matter most in online video.

“We’re extremely excited to once again be recognized by Streaming Media’s writers and industry experts,” said Shelly Heiden, chief executive officer, VBrick Systems.  “It exemplifies and awards our ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions that help organizations maximize communications through use of enterprise-class online video.”

The Streaming Media 100 list chronicles organizations doing interesting and innovative work in streaming video.  Streaming Media’s editorial staff compiled the list in an effort to outline the most important organizations in the industry.

Learn more at>>

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VBrick and Discovery Education Open up a World of Learning

Teachers and students in thousands of schools across the country will now have access to Discovery Education’s digital content through VBrick. This partnership will bring exclusive, award-winning video from the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Science Channel, and more to enhance teaching and learning throughout the United States.
“We’re seeing an increasingly large number of school systems make video a part of their everyday curricula,” said Shelly Heiden, chief executive officer, VBrick. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Discovery Education … solution that really enhances the ability for video to serve as a powerful learning tool.”
VBrick customers will be able to easily access and stream live videos and content from outside sources, including events and announcements, and user-generated content such as teacher lesson plans, student reports, and more. Further, new search and sharing features will allow teachers and students to search on particular topics and access and share videos from Discovery Education or other online content sites.
Learn more at>>

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IPTV’s Future

Improvements in both fiber networks and codecs mean more video content can be delivered to audiences — and what’s delivered will be of higher quality.  This isn’t just about running higher capacity communication channels and hanging larger displays with higher fidelity sound systems. The advancing technologies in AV deployment are allowing businesses, teachers, students, retailers, bankers, traders and consumers to easily communicate compelling content.  Broadcast television is just one of the many types of video being integrated with user generated content and real time communications in increasingly unified systems.

H.265 will at some point replace H.264.  4K displays will supplant HD as prices fall.  The transport protocols used to delivery IP TV will migrate to adaptive HTTP delivery mechanisms.  The four most prominent HTTP delivery mechanisms  – Microsoft’s IIS Smooth Streaming, Adobe’s HDS, Apple’s HLS, and the emerging standard MPEG-DASH — will get whittled down to one or two that are most widely deployed, probably HLS and HDS at first, followed by HLS and MPEG-DASH over time.

When 4K displays become available at commodity prices, traditional over-the-air terrestrial, cable and satellite delivery of video will face increased economic pressure to deliver higher quality content.  While the transition to HD required a huge broadcast infrastructure investment, higher capacity broadband internet service and H.265 encoding are both going to enable 4K deployment over IP without another broadcast infrastructure replacement.  These economics are going to drive the replacement of television service provider headends and broadcast facilities with IP technology.

Post by: Steve Kossar, Director, Product Management – VBrick Systems

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IPTV’s Current State

One question I’m frequently asked is, “Why use IPTV?”  The answer is simple: distributing video content over IP provides much more flexibility.  You don’t need coax cable, terrestrial antennas or satellite infrastructure – just a WiFi or Ethernet network.

Almost any device with a screen is IP enabled, so video can be delivered to desktops, phones and tablets.  By deploying video over networking infrastructure, it can be included in digital signage or embedded into web pages with other content that augments the video with metadata, additional related information, links to web content, and chat capabilities.

Programming can also be integrated into unified communications platforms, allowing for collaboration, increased viewership and an enhancement of the content’s value. An added bonus is that tracking your content’s ROI is a snap: usage statistics are readily available to monitor viewing, which can help organizations figure out what content really engages their audience, and what content may need tweaking.

Why is knowing your usage statistics important? Because, at its core, IPTV is all about informing and entertaining your target audience and if you’re not achieving this goal, you’re undermining your overall business and communications strategies.  In a corporate environment, this may mean providing timely access to broadcast television, empowering your workforce to be more effective in its work.  New programming and financial information especially is vital to knowledge working in the information age.

Video is a communication medium and IP allows interactive delivery of user generated content.  Meeting broadcasts, events (both planned and ad-hoc), live and on-demand training, interactivity between the audience and presenters are all enabled by use of managed IP video delivery.   This creates a richer experience for your audience and, ultimately, can improve your company’s bottom line.

IPTV’s future

Post by: Steve Kossar, Director, Product Management – VBrick Systems

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VEMS Mystro Receives 2013 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award

VEMS Mystro, our video streaming platform,  has been named a 2013 Unified Communications (UC) TMC Labs Innovation Award winner presented by mystro multi platformsINTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.

“We’re thrilled that TMC Labs has chosen to recognize VEMS Mystro as one of the world’s most innovative communications solutions,” said Shelly Heiden, chief executive officer, VBrick.  “This award exemplifies the fact that VEMS Mystro is one of the leading, most powerful video streaming solutions for enterprises, government, healthcare and educational institutions.”

VEMS Mystro allows organizations to manage, store and display video content to thousands of users simultaneously, regardless of where they may be or the device they may be using, including desktops, smartphones and tablets. VEMS Mystro supports live feeds and recorded playback, and provides centralized access to stored content, making it easy to search for and play selected videos.

Learn more about VEMS Mystro.

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VBrick Awarded U.S. Army Certificate of Networthiness

Today we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) by the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM). The CoN accreditation confirms that VBrick meets the strict U.S. Army and Department of Defense (DoD) standards for security, compatibility, and sustainability and authorizes VBrick’s solutions for use and purchase..

This authorization is a requirement for all enterprise software products in the Army Enterprise Infrastructure Network and applies to the entire U.S. Army, including the Army Reserve, National Guard and some DoD organizations. Supporting information on VBrick’s CoN can be found on the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) website – Case ID: 201312320.

The full version of the press release is available here.

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The X, Y, Z, and T of UC*

I gave a short talk at my alma mater a couple of years ago on the occasion of my 30 years of volunteer work for the school (ok, I’m an Old Guy, I admit it).  The key point was to talk about some of the changes that had taken place during that time.  Speaking in front of a group of alums, students, and staff in the atrium of the recently-built MacLean Engineering Sciences building, I remarked that thirty years prior, we all would have been gathered on the driveway at the edge of the little-used tennis courts.  The X, Y, and Z coordinates of our gathering place were the same but the T or “time” coordinate difference had brought about phenomenal change.  Instead of standing in the dirt by the side of the road, we were seated in one of the most modern teaching facilities in the world.

How does this relate to Unified Communications you ask?  Well, Unified Communications attempts to blur (or obliterate) the X, Y, and Z differences between users while maintaining T in the present.  As an example, a solution like Microsoft’s Lync allows me to use the presence icon to see whether someone is available – we don’t need to be near each other and I don’t need to walk down the hall to see if they are in their office.  We can chat via IM, Voice, or Video whether or not we’re in the same building, State, or country.  We can ask others to join us in the conversation no matter where they are.  That’s extremely powerful – but there’s a limitation in that the time coordinate is always in the present.  That’s where integration with video streaming comes in.

The integration of VBrick’s video streaming solutions with products like Microsoft’s Lync or SharePoint now allow the time factor to be extended or enhanced.  If a company wants to broadcast a company-wide CEO speech to everyone’s desktop in real time via the Lync or SharePoint UC client, they can do that.  The company can also record the session for re-broadcast at times more convenient for International employees – shifting the time coordinate.  And, the broadcast can be stored and accessed at a later time in case anyone missed the original broadcast or just wanted to review what was said – managing the time coordinate.  By adding video streaming to their Unified Communications arsenal, a company can now enable users to manage all of the X, Y, Z, and T coordinates of their communications.  And, in the process, the company is able to foster better communication, collaboration, and coordination among all of their employees, customers, and partners.

* Taking you back to high school geometry, the location of an object (or person) can be specified by four coordinates.  Loosely: X (north/south), Y (east/west), Z (elevation), and T (time).

Post by: Mike Chapman – Director, Product Management

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